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An inspiring and innovation driven medical technologies firm – SPICTRA is a quality experience like never before across all technological aspects of health care. 

This is simply, inspiring excellence. This is Spictra.

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Monsy Sam

"...The first indigenous Membrane Oxygenator designed and developed at our Institute was successfully used in 25 patients undergoing various types of open heart procedures. The device performed well in terms of gas exchange and heat transfer at blood flow rates... Read More

A. Thangam, AIMS Cochin

"...The simple delivery systems which have been used in our centre are disposable blood Spictra cardioplegia delivery system, pressure bag crystalloid cardioplegia delivery system and calioferic cardioplegic technic. The Spictra CPD system has come out recently with an indigenous CPD... Read More

D.B. Reddy

“…The straight shoot (Spictra) system was used in 315 patients as against 1139 imported BCD systems. We find that the efficiency of delivery, cooling, rewarming and precision were good with our indigenously available system, as compared to the imported ones... Read More

Vijaya Heart Foundation

“…We compiled ACT values after standard heparinisation dose at constant time after initiation of CPB HB & PCV values on Bypass, priming volume, missed venous oxygen saturation, platelet count intra of postup 4 days after surgery, plasma free Hb, Hamaturia,... Read More

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